Escape Experience Sestriere is an entertaining game of logic that you you can do with your family, friends or colleagues whilst exploring Sestriere. You will have a mystery to resolve, whilst completing the single missions that you will discover as you move through each stage of the game.
The game lasts 2 hours 30 and is played on an App that you can download on your smartphone or tablet and that will lead you around Sestriere. You’ll be asked to crack codes and resolve riddles, puzzles and brain teasers of varying difficulties.
To resolve the crime and finish the game you’ll need to work as a team with a multidisciplinary approach, merging reality with the digital world. It’s an engaging experience that will allow you to enjoy Sestriere in an innovative way.



Euro 25 per person with a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 6 people per team.

The price includes:

  • Access to the app for the duration of the game (2h30)
  • The master live in the chat in case you need help (up to 3 pieces of advice allowed within the 2h30)
  • 30 minutes extra (without assistance) if you don’t finish in the allocated time
  • Welcome video
  • Minigames


For minimum 10 participants and teams of minimum 3 people (max 6). We can create competition between the teams by calculating the time they take and adding time penalties according to what help they ask for. At the end of the game there will be a classification of all teams involved.

Group prices:

  • Euro 30 per person standard version with rankings
  • Euro 35 per person for the version indicated above and including 5 challenges


On the day of the game you will receive a video that will explain the rules of the game, the app you need to download (Trello), how to create your team group with the master on WhatsApp or messenger and the starting point. At the time indicated in the booking you will receive in the chat the password for the introductory video from where the hunt for clues will start.

The 2h30 for the game also take into account Sestriere’s climate in the winter and will leave you plenty of time to go somewhere warm, maybe with a hot drink, whilst studying the clues. The actual game time is approx. 1h30-2h.

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