Torino for the Environment

Torino Smart City: another reason to visit Torino!

In 2009 the European Commission promoted the project “Smart Cities” to reduce the CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020, through a better energetic efficiency of buildings, transportation and energy grids.  The EU decided to allocate important funds to sustain the cities that have been named “smart cities” thanks to the quality of their projects.

The City of Torino immediately adhered to this initiative and in 2010 approved the Turin Action Plan for Energy (TAPE), involving transportation, production, construction and service industries. Thanks to these changes today the level of CO2 emissions is 18,7% lower than in 2005.

Torino is preparing for this challenge of becoming a smart city. Many local private and public subjects are working together, with the contribution of the Institute of Engineering and the University of Torino, local industries, banks, companies, associations, to promote a sustainable technological innovation.

The purposes of the project are the reduction of the energy waste of buildings, an increase in the eco-compatible private and public means of transportation and an improvement in the general quality of life thanks to a higher awareness and participation of citizens.

Another action connected with this theme is the Environment Park, created in 1996 by the Regional Government of Piemonte, Province of Turin, City of Turin and EU; it represents an innovative experience within Science and Technology Parks in Europe for its union between technological innovation and eco-efficiency (

Discovery Italy has the right contacts to organize visits and meetings around this theme to further enrich your stay in Italy.


Torino for the Environment




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